Agricultural Development Denmark Asia - ADDA is a Danish NGO that was established in 1994 by Danes and Cambodians living in Denmark with personal contacts in Cambodia and Vietnam. The association has since then carried out a series of development projects in these countries with the purpose of encouraging development in general, and more specifically to support the establishment of sustainable agriculture in order to improve living conditions for the rural population.


ADDA’s aims:

•  Improvement of living conditions for the rural population through improved production methods, where the yield can be increased on an environmentally sustainable basis

•  Improvement in the degree of self-sufficiency for the poorest groups of the population in South-East Asia

•  To follow the principle of ”help to self-help” which is achieved through targeted capacity development of partners such as agricultural colleges and local farmers’ associations


ADDA also wants to disseminate knowledge in Denmark about living conditions in South-East Asia through lectures, articles and an exhibition, which can be borrowed free of charge. ADDA co-operates with local organizations in the countries where the projects are implemented. Currently these are Cambodia and Vietnam. 


 Funds for ADDA’s projects are primarily provided by Danida and all projects aim at making the recipients independent of help from outside their own countries.


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